Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scouting Sunday: People of the World Brownie Girl Scout Try-It

Here are the activities we are doing for the People of the World Brownie Girl Scout Try-It.

3: World Stories= We will use our imaginations to create a story about a girl, of 6 or 7 years of age, who lives in a Latin (the requirement for the Try-It is any country, but since we were studying Latin countries that is what we have chosen) country of my daughters' choosing. They will later present the stories to their Girl Scout troop.

4: World Reporter= My girls are planning to interview their Mexican grandmother to find out in what ways life is the same and in what ways life is different in the US and in Mexico. They will also learn about how holidays are celebrated in Mexico. They are planning to put together a traditional Dias De los Muertos celebration for friends and family as a way to share some of what they have learned.

5: The Ocean is Stormy-A Game From Denmark= Since this is about learning of people in the world and not just the Latin world, we are including the learning of a game from Denmark. They are actually going to learn how to play this as a troop when they go camping next weekend.

6: Flags of Many Countries= They will study the flags in the Try-It manual and be able to identify each of the countries the flag represents (USA, Russia, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, United Nations) and they will locate the countries on the globe. They will then choose one flag and learn why it looks like it does (why certain colors were used, what pictures on it represent, etc). They will then make a replica of the flag by coloring it or by using construction paper and will attach it to a pencil (as a flagpole). This is much more than the requirements call for, but my children have a strong interest in global geography and flags so I am going with it.

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