Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Friday: Fire Safety

Field Trips

-A trip to the fire house or to an event put on by your local fire department. October is Fire Prevention month so it is common for fire houses to host events at this time.

-If you live near a fire museum, this would be a great time to visit.

-Visit your local Red Cross or invite someone to come speak to your local homeschool group about what services they provide when there is a fire.

Fun Activities

-I have a whole post on my other blog, The Happy Housewife, with ways to teach fire safety and practice escaping.

-Sparky the Fire Dog and the USFA websites also have lots of fun activities online.

-Fire drills and practicing "Stop, Drop, and Roll" are pretty enjoyable for the younger kids.

-DLTK has instructions for making a fire truck out of an egg carton and a simple cut-and-paste activity to make a 3-D fire dog.

-You can also make fire trucks out of empty boxes for the kids to play in.

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