Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scouting Sunday: Colors and Shapes Brownie Girl Scout Try-It

Here are the activities we are working on for this badge.

1- Stencil Stampers: We will combine this activity with #5 and will do it with the science activity from yesterday. The activity calls for making stamps by cutting old sponges into any shape the child chooses. They will then use the stamp, and the paints from activity #5, to create wrapping paper for their cousin's birthday.

4- Weaving Color Patterns: I will be using a lesson plan from Blick Art Materials so the girls can create paper-woven placemats for use at home. We may try to laminate them and then they may create more for holiday gifts.

5- A Rainbow of Colors: We will discuss the difference between primary and secondary colors. The girls will be given paint in red, yellow, and blue. They will then combine the colors as they choose to creat new colors which they will then use for their stamping project in activity #1 and in any other painting they choose to do at the time.

6- Yarn Painting: This is a great way to use up bits of yarn and end pieces. The child draws a basic picture (not a lot of room for details) and then spreads glue over it, working a small area at a time. While the glue is still wet, they lay pieces of yarn in the glue according to the color they want on the picture. Once the picture dries, you can spray it with varnish to preserve it, or make your own "varnish" by mixing glue and water in a 4:1 ratio (4 parts glue to 1 part water).

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