Friday, October 3, 2008

Field Trip Friday: Hispanic Heritage Month

As with any cultural themes, the best field trips would be ones that actually take you to experience the culture. However, unless you have lots of money to travel to a Latin country, you will need to find other ways to experience the cultures.

-Many cities have cultural (Puerto Rican Festival, Cuban Festival, etc) festivals each year. If there is one near you, try to attend at least one day.

-Check your local museums for Hispanic Heritage displays.

-Look for activities in your area celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (continues until October 15th)

-You can also choose a Latin country to research and then have a day/night celebrating that culture. Cook recipes from that country, create a replica of the flag and any traditional costumes, learn a traditional song and/or dance, etc. If you are part of a larger homeschooling group (or have a large family), each person/family could choose a different country and you could have a Hispanic Heritage Festival of your own.

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