Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Math Monday (a day late): Halloween

In honor of Halloween on Friday, we willbe studying Halloween this week.

There are free Halloween Math Drill Worksheets available at Math-Drills.com. You can also find more free printable Halloween math worksheets at KidZone.

-What better way to learn and practice shapes than by carving a pumpkin using shapes. Think beyond the typical shapes used with jack-o-lanterns. How about a star nose or octagon eyes?

-What is the circumference of your pumpkin?

-Estimate how much your pumpkin weighs? Now weigh it and see how close you were.

-When you cut open your pumpkin, look inside and guess how many seeds there are. After you get them all out, count them. How close were you? Now, wash them up and make yummy toasted pumpkin seeds.

-Interview friends and family to determine what their favorite Halloween treat is and make a bar graph.

-Sort and then make a bar graph of all the Halloween candy you collect. Older kids can also figure out what percentage was chocolate.

Word Problems
-If if takes you 1 minute to Trick or Treat at each house, how long will it take you to go to 10 houses?

-If you are expecting 150 trick or treaters on Halloween, how many bags of 50 count candy bars would you need to buy?

-You arrive at a pumpkin patch and see 27 pumpkins. Each member of your family is going to choose one pumpkin each. How many pumpkins will be left?

-You open the door on Halloween and see several Trick or Treaters on your doorstep. There are 2 witches, 3 Hannah Montanas, 1 Incredible Hulk, 2 pirates and 1 ghost. How many Trick or Treaters are there in all?

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