Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Friday: Pablo Picasso

Field Trip
-any museum that has Picasso's work or reproductions at it

-find a local painter and arrange a field trip to their studio or invite them to come speak to your group

Fun Activities
-Mr. Picassohead allows you to use various face parts and shapes to create a Picasso-like image of your own.

-Have your child create a painting(s) in one of Picasso's styles. They could create a "sad" painting with blues and blue-greens, a "happy" painting with reds and oranges, or a Cubism-style painting with geometric shapes.

-Did you know Picasso was also a sculptor? Unlike other sculptors of his time, he did not start with soft clay, but instead used already fired pieces which he often deconstructed and then reassembled into something else. If you have chipped or broken ceramic pieces (without sharp edges of course), allow your child to use them to make new pieces of art.

-Here is an online memory-style game of Picasso artwork. All the pictures I saw where child-friendly.

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