Monday, February 2, 2009

Math Monday: Dental Care

In honor of Febraury being Children's Dental Health Month, we will be studying dental care this week.

- Count how many teeth are in your mouth. How many are on top? How many on the bottom? Add the two numbers together.

- has a neat way to include math and vocabulary.

- Interview your friends and young family members to find out how many of their baby teeth have fallen out so far. Make a bar chart to show your results. You could also do this by asking people what their favorite flavor of toothpaste is.

- Keep a tally chart of how many times you can brush your teeth with one tube of tooth paste. Start the chart when you open a new tube of tooth paste and make one tally each time you brush your teeth.

- Create a chart to remind you to brush twice a day and floss once. Be sure to fill in your chart as you do each thing.