Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday: Family History

Genealogy: The study on a family's ancestry
Ancestry: lineage, or family who came before you
Maternal: related to the mother
Paternal: related to the father

-Create your family tree, going back to at least your grandparents. There is free, downloadable family history software through My Heritage. I have used it and really like it. You can also find blank, printable family trees, going back to great grandparents and with a variety of backgrounds to choose from, here.

-Gather stories from the lives of several family members, either as video clips, audio clips, or written. Compile them into something that can be shared with other family members.

-Learn about the (or one of) country of your family's origin. Make a meal or learn a dance/song/craft that is traditional to that country.

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