Thursday, September 4, 2008

Think About It Thursday: What would you do?

Imagine a big storm is coming and the mayor of your town/city has suggested you evacuate. Write a story about the evacuation. Tell what you will bring, where you will evacuate to, and how you will get there. What are you feeling during the evacuation?

Imagine a storm is coming, but you and your family have decided to sit it out in your house. Tell what you will you do to keep the house safe and your self safe. What will you do during the storm? What feelings are you having before and after the storm?

A big storm has hit a community a few states away and caused a lot of damage. Think of some ways you could help the people in that community. Imagine you have gone to help. Write a letter home to a friend telling about what you are seeing and doing.

Meteorology= study of the atmosphere, particularly the weather and climate
Atmosphere= the gases surrounding the earth
Forecast= to predict an occurrence
Hurricane= a tropical, cyclonic (spinning) storm in the western North Atlantic ocean with winds of at least 72 MP
Tornado= a localized windstorm with a long, funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground
Typhoon= a hurricane occurring in the western Pacific Ocean or the China seas

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