Monday, September 22, 2008

Scouting Sunday: Space Explorer Brownie Try-It

For this badge, we will do the following activities:

1) The Night Sky: This activity will be performed during our field trip to the planetarium to use their telescope. The activity calls for night sky watching and identifying and locating constellations.

2) The Moon: We did this activity Saturday when exploring the different phases of the moon and through the month, when we drew the "shape" of the moon each week.

3) Ready, Set, Jet: We will do this activity in conjunction with designing a lunar life station. The activity calls for designing an outfit to be worn to a Girl Scout center on the moon. The girls should take into account how they will move in space and how they should dress.

5) Star Maker: We will do this activity prior to visiting the planetarium to view constellations. In this activity, we will make star makers, by drawing our favorite constellation on the bottom of an oatmeal container (the cylinder-shaped ones, not a box) and then poking a pin or needle through the "stars". The girls can then use their star makers in a dark room by sliding the container over a flashlight and shining it on a blank wall.

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