Monday, September 22, 2008

Math Monday: Fall/Autmn

Since today is the first day of fall/autumn, that will be our topic this week.

-Divide up an apple into wedges
-Make and divide up and pumpkin pie

-Make a bar graph (older kids can make a pie chart) showing everyone's favorite type of pie
-Collect a bunch of leaves and graph them by color and/or leaf type (maple, oak, etc)

-Rake (BONUS for parents, combining yard work with schoolwork!)up a pile of leaves and estimate how many there are. Count them. How close were you?
-Look at a peck(new vocabulary word) of apples and estimate how many are in a peck. Count them and see how close you were.

-Using a string, measure the circumference (new vocabulary word) of an apple and/or a pumpkin. You can also estimate the circumference before hand.
-Weigh a pumpkin on a scale. Again, you can practice estimating first. This can also be expanded by challenging the kids to find other items that weigh about the same and then have them weight those items as well.

Money-Compare the price of "raw" pumpkin and canned pumpkin. Figure out the cost to make a pumpkin pie (either with raw or fresh pumpkin) and compare that to the cost of a pre-made pumpkin pie (either "fresh" and/or frozen).

Early arithmetic
-Use acorns to display basic arithmetic problems.

Word Problems
-If it takes you 30 minutes to rake the front yard and 45 minutes to rake the backyard, how long does it take you to rake the entire yard?
-You and 3 friends go apple picking. You each pick one dozen apples. how many apples did you pick in all?
-John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, was born Septmeber 26, 1774 and died February 18, 1845. How old was he when he died? (70 years, 4 months, 22 days)

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