Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scouting Sunday: Plants Brownie Girl Scout Try-It

As with many of the other badges, we have done some of the requirements already during this weeks activities. Here is what we are doing to earn this Try-It:

1-Seed Race: We will plant 6 different types of seeds in half an egg carton (1 type per egg section). The kids will make daily observations, including measurements of plant, about what is happening in each section. Once the plants are large enough, we will transplant them into small pots.

2-Plant Rubbings: Using crayons and paper, we will make rubbings of the bark and leaves of various trees. We will then look at and compare any patterns we see.

4-Leaf Hunt: This involoves finding leaves and writing about one of them. The child then describes the leaf to a friend and sees if they can identify which leaf is
being described.

5-Simple Plants: This activity involves making mold. Start by dampening a folded paper towel. Take a slice of bread and wave it through the air and sprinkle it with dust. Place the bread on the paper towel and wrap it all in foil. Put the packet in a dark spot. Every day, look at the bread with a magnifying glass and then rewrap it. Be sure to not touch the bread without latex gloves on or using a "tool" (toothpicks work fine) and wash with soap and water afterwards. Draw pictures of what you observed. Write down any colors you see and desribe the smell.

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