Thursday, August 21, 2008

Think About It Thursdays: A Healthy Body

Cardiovascular: related to the heart and blood vessels

Artery: a blood vessel that carries blood AWAY from the heart

Aorta: the main artery from the heart

Vein: a blood vessel that brings blood TO the heart

Cholesterol: occurs naturally in the body in one of two forms, HDL and LDL; higher than normal levels can cause health problems

Vitamin: plant based compounds; most cannot be made by the body, but are needed for proper functioning and growth of the body

Mineral: non-organic (not from living things) compounds needed by the body for proper functioning and growth

Aerobic exercise: exercise that makes us breathe harder

Write out the rules to one sport that you enjoy.

Write a story about a boy or girl who grows up to participate in the Olympics. How did they take care of their body? How did they train for their sport?

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