Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday: China

My children are a bit young to really delve deep into the history of foreign countries so instead I will try to teach some of the basics of Chinese history in order to give them something to build on when they do study Chinese history in the future. This is really a hodgepodge of thoughts, but we will focus on just a small amount each day.

Emperor: supreme leader of an empire
Empire: large area, usually larger than a kingdom, ruled by one person
Dynasty: a succession (line) of rulers from the same descent (family)

Emperor Qin (pronounced Chin) was the first leader of China and is who the country is named for; he united the various kingdoms into one country-China; a drawing of Emperor Qin can be found here.

Great Wall of China: over several hundreds of years was built, repaired, and upgraded (from being made of earth to being made of brick); originally started by Emperor Qin to keep the Huns (China’s enemies) out of China

All Images Copyrighted by Historylink101.com & found at China Picture Gallery.

That is all I am planning for history this time around. As my kids get older I will expand this part of the China unit. Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have regarding China and it’s history, especially as it relates to teaching elementary aged children.

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