Monday, August 25, 2008

Scouting Sunday:Webelos Sportsmans Activity Badge

Ok, I do not have any children who are in Boy Scouts yet, but I want to include a variety of scouting badges in my posts so I chose the Webelos Sportsman Activty Badge since it went along with last week's unit.

Here are the activities we will do when the time comes(assuming they have not changed):

We are soccer fans in our house so we would likely learn the signals used by officials in that sport, but I will list resources for each of the ones listed for the badge. I was able to find websites regarding signals used by sports officials in Soccer, Football, Basketball, and Hockey, but had some trouble with Baseball. If my son chooses to learn the signs used by the umpire in baseball, I will contact the town Little League and/or the high school and see if someone could teach us the signs used.

In order to explain good sportsmanship we will first discuss what it means to my son and then he would design a poster or game to show others.

In order to earn both the individual sport and team sport belt loops, my son will learn the rules for two individual and 2 team sports, demonstrate how to use the proper equipment for each of these sports and participate in playing in of the same sports. I am providing links for the rules of many of the sports listed for the badge requirement.

Individual Sports:
Badminton, Bicycling, Bowling, Fishing (guidelines will depend on your state), Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Marbles, Physical Fitness (this has different requirements to earning the belt loop than the other sports do), Roller Skating, Snow Ski and Board Sports, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis

Team Sports
Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, Ultimate, Volleyball

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