Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back Again

I had to take a break to re-evaluate how I was putting together my units and sharing them. I write my units in Microsoft Word, but cannot figure out an easy way to copy them from there and paste them here. The other ways I have tried to do it, take entirely much too long and were keeping me away from far more important activities, such as my family. I am planning on posting again starting this week and while I still cannot do it as planned, it will be much easier than trying to reformat all my other units and get them up here. Here is a run down of the planned units for the next several weeks:
1/3-1/9: Elvis Presley
1/10-1/16: Benjamin Franklin
1/17-1/23: Penguins
1/24-1/30: Jackie Robinson
1/31-2/5: Chinese New Year
2/6-2/13: Valentine's Day
2/14-2/20: the Human Heart
2/21-2/27: John Glenn
2/28-3/6: Barbie (yes, THAT Barbie)

Each unit is purposely planned for the time it is due to relevance in some way. In many cases, it is due to the holiday falling in that time frame and in some cases it is due to birthdays near that time. However, most of the units would be appropriate any time of year.

Thank you again for reading along and hanging in there with me.

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