Saturday, December 26, 2009

Science Saturday: New Years

I just logged in and saw that I never hit the publish button for this post. This was supposed to post on 12/26. My apologies. Hopefully, you can use it in following years.

- If one of the New Year resolutions involves eating healthy, a lesson on nutrition would be a good science lesson.

- You could also learn about the rate at which things of different weights fall and how that rate can be controlled.

- This is a fun time to learn about fireworks and how they work. How Stuff Works has a great explanation and a video about how fireworks and sparklers work. ***Note*** This is a great time to discuss firework safety as well.

- Study the current season in different parts of the world and why it is that way. How is it that it is summer on the southern hemisphere, but it is winter here?

- Study why a cork pops when a bottle of wine/sparkling grape juice is opened.

- Any study of corks and/or carbonation at this time is appropriate. You can even make homemade soda.

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