Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help requested

I am not sure what is going on with this particular blog. My stats were reading fairly high for a while. I then tried to do something to the blog and all of sudden my stats are sayng there are only 0-1 visitors each day. If you are reading this could you help me by answering a few questions? I will not post responses unless you ask me to. Here are my questions:

1)Did I mess something up with how the "hits" are being recorded and you are still here and reading when I post or have you stopped coming to read? If you are reading less regularly, did I do something to offend you or are you just not interested in the topics I am posted or something else?

2)What topics would you like to see covered in the coming weeks/months?

3)How can I improve this blog to help you more?

I appreciate any help you can offer. I enjoy this blog and enjoy putting together the units, but I also want to be sure you are being helped by it. I am still dealing with some health issues so my blogging is still sporadic, but I am working on that as best I can. Thank you for your continued support.


Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Danielle,

Hope that you're feeling better. I like this blog a lot. Your idea for a theme-based week would intrigue students and would be adaptable for a wide range of ages. Sometimes there's just an ebb and flow with blogs; in any case, I can't imagine anyone being offended by your content.

Agape always,

Jen said...

I enjoy your blog, keep it up.