Saturday, November 1, 2008

Science Saturday: Halloween

Since Halloween is over I will post some post-Halloween science ideas, but here is a whole bunch of fun science activities for next Halloween.

- Have the children sort and classify their candy. They can chose how to classify them or you can (chocolate/non-chocolate, by brand, wrapper color, candy color, etc).

- Have the kids start an observation journal and have them write daily as to what is happening as their pumpkin rots.

- Have the kids add up the calories/fat grams/sugar grams of the candy they will eat in one day or all the candy they received total.

- This is a great time for a nutrition lesson and a lesson on moderation.

- Make stained glass cookies with the hard candies (crush them first). You can use your own sugar cookie recipe.

- Make a pumpkin pie with the jack-o-lantern (assuming it was cut recently) or try this Walnut Pumpkin Pie.

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