Thursday, May 6, 2010


______ Reading: Read this story about camping on a Gálapagos Island:

______ Writing: Write a story about what it would be like to live in the Amazon rain forest. (You may want to do the science assignment first)

______ Math:

· Rafael Correa became President of Ecuador on January 15, 2007. How many months has he been the President?

· The estimated population of Ecuador is 13,927,650 people. Tell me what this number is (13 million, 927 thousand, 650). Round the population to the nearest million (14 million/14,000,000). What is the value of the 2 (20,000)? What numer is in the hundreds place (6)?

______ Science: Ecuador is home to a portion of the Amazon rain forest. Read more about rain forests here: Write 10 facts about rain forests that you learned.

______ Service: Make a paper basket by following these instructions: Fill the basket with flowers or cookies or another treat, and give to someone as a gift.

______ Vocabulary/Spelling: Write each word 10 times and use each one in a sentence- sculpture, proverb, Ecuador, canopy

______ Health: The equator runs right through Ecuador, making it an area that gets lots of sun exposure. Take the sun safety quiz and do the activities found here: (note to parents- this is a teacher’s manual so you may want to print out the pages ahead of time, rather than have the child sift through all the pages)

______ Social Studies:

· Learn the capital of Ecuador and be able to locate Ecuador on a world map

· Print and color the flag of Ecuador:

______ Language Arts: A proverb is a short saying that teaches a life lesson. A common proverb in Ecuador is, “It is one thing to cackle and another to lay an egg.” What do you think that proverb means?

______ Domestic Arts: Potatoes grow abundantly in Ecuador. Llapingachos are one food that is made from the many potatoes. With an adult’s help, use this recipe to make a batch of llapingachos:

______ Art: Experiment with the Ecuadorean art form of masápan:

______ Music: Watch this video of a traditional Ecuadorian dance:

______ Spanish/ASL: Learn each word in Spanish and ASL- bread (el pan), art (arte), sculpture (la escultura), potato (el papa)

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