Friday, December 26, 2008

Fun Friday: Hanukkah

Field Trip
-Find a local Hanukkah celebration and attend it.
-If you have any Jewish friends, express an interest in participating in part of their Hanukkah Celebration. Many will be willing to invite your family to come.

-Make a menorah. Martha Stewart made one from a tree branch or you can craft one out of clay or any other medium you think would work.

-Make Hanukkah cards for any Jewish friends you have. Here are directions for making cards with a 3-D menorah.

-Make candles either for use in a menorah or for everyday use. Martha Stewart has directions for making beeswax candles. These are probably the easiest and least messy taper candles for kids to make at home.

-Buy some chocolate coins (check the party supply area) and hand them out to the kids as gelt. has several Hanukkah-themed printable coloring pages, online jigsaw puzzles, and online sliding puzzles. also has several fun hanukkah-themed activities.

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